Mark and Jannette Hicks


Jannette, Mark, Zane, and Micah

Mark received the revelation of the Gospel of Grace with many tears in 2010, as he had to unlearn everything he was taught and replace it with the truth. Mark’s wife, Jannette, also received the revelation of Grace that same year and continues to support Mark with 100% dedication.


Mark, Jannette, and Andrew

Mark Hicks has been teaching the Gospel of Grace since he received the revelation of its true meaning. He has been teaching through Facebook pages, local Bible studies, and engaging one on one with people. Mark’s passionate teaching style is simple and easy to understand. It is exciting to see people searching the scriptures like the Bereans of Acts 17 so that they can live in the simplicity of the Gospel of Grace.

Mark and Jannette are graduates of Charis Bible College through the Continuing Education for Ministers Program. They reside in Alabama where they teach people about God’s amazing Grace.